Warning Signs Your Employee Retention Credit Claim is Incorrect

The IRS recently issued a statement regarding incorrect Employee Retention Credit (ERTC) Claims they have been noticing. Many business owners have utilized ERTC services that are not tax professionals or associated with the IRS. This has caused a wide issue of misinformation that could have serious negative implications on business owners who filed ERTC claims… Continue reading Warning Signs Your Employee Retention Credit Claim is Incorrect

The Importance of Accounting

What is the importance of accounting? All businesses should have a basic accounting process because it is how business owners will be able to evaluate financial performance. Specifically, proper accounting provided important information about costs and earnings and profit and loss. Without this information, decision making and planning in a business would be impossible. What… Continue reading The Importance of Accounting

When Are Taxes Due 2024?

When are taxes due? Tax Season comes every year and most people know April 15th as “Tax Day”. However, depending on whether or not you’re a business owner or need to file an extension for your personal tax return, there are other tax deadlines to be aware of in 2024 (or any year).    Quarterly… Continue reading When Are Taxes Due 2024?

Top Tax Mistakes by Business Owners

For business owners, there are many responsibilities to take care of, like overseeing cash flow, employee management, and tax payments. Managing all these tasks on your own can be overwhelming. Additionally, it can lead to an increase of errors in financial records, tax payments, and preparation. Here are the top tax mistakes made by business… Continue reading Top Tax Mistakes by Business Owners

How Efficient Bookkeeping Affects Your Finances

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you need to maintain an accurate and up-to-date bookkeeping system to truly understand the financial health of your company. Efficient bookkeeping is the foundation that provides clarity into your revenue, expenses, profits, and losses. Without it, you are operating in the dark and guessing about the impact of… Continue reading How Efficient Bookkeeping Affects Your Finances

Benefits of Financial Planning

Have you finally decided to take control of your financial future? Good for you. The truth is, that creating a solid financial plan can be life-changing.

Top 3 Tips for the Tax Season

April 15th is fast approaching, and tax season is in full swing. As you gather receipts and W-2s to file your annual tax return

7 Signs You Need an Accountant

Are you finding it difficult to run your business while staying organized? Do you constantly stress over looming deadlines?

Do You Really Need an Accountant to File Taxes?

The short answer is, no, you do not need an accountant always. There are many people with simple tax returns that could be done without professional help. But, if you are a business owner, recently purchased a property or had any life changes you will likely need a professional to ensure your return is filed… Continue reading Do You Really Need an Accountant to File Taxes?

Recession Proofing Your Business in 5 Steps

Recessions are an uncertain time, particularly for small businesses. When inflation is on the rise, small businesses feel its impact the most.