Specialty Services

Greenlight Financial can assist you with additional specialty services. Our ultimate goal is to help your business run efficiently and at a maximum financial optimization.

A healthy business is one that grows and adapts as the climate around it changes. Every step of the way, you are going to need critical financial advice, even occasional restructuring as you enhance your business with projects.

Financial Reporting

Any good accounting firm can take your raw data and present it in a series of reports both internally and for outside parties. The best can make sure these reports are fully compliant with local and international accounting standards to bring to the table everything you need as you maximize for growth.

Accurate financial reports are critical to getting insight into your business’ current and future performance. This is the data you use as a roadmap for planning for various scenarios, budget creation and much more. Our team will let you know exactly where you stand, enabling a better prediction of the financial climate and one of the greatest assets your financial services will bring to the table.

Greenlight Financial’s specialized team of accountants are here to help you prepare and interpret these critical reports. Making use of the critical data to help you strengthen and grow your business. Our primary focus is ensuring you thrive in what will set you apart from your competition, particularly in the small business arena.

Corporate Structure Selection

Many small business’s launch as sole proprietors, which can leave them exposed to legal risk as well as higher financial costs. We’ll bring expert advice to the table to enable you to make the best decisions possible for your business’ future.

Payables & Receivables

We have a dedicated team ready to streamline your payables and receivables process, handle collections on your behalf in accordance with all laws and a focus on customer retention. Our Greenlight Financial experts specialize in:

  • Cash flow restructuring
  • Management of ongoing collection calls
  • Streamlining check runs

Greenlight uses unique and tailored business strategies that will help put your business on the right path, helping you make the right choices to achieve your goals and financial success


These are just some of the areas Greenlight can assist your business on:

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    Full Tax Audit

  • images

    Opening a New Business or Expanding a Branch

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    High-level Financial Analysis

  • images

    In-depth Cash Flow Analysis

  • images

    Creating Financial Benchmarks

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    Financial Reports


What our current Greenlight clients are saying

Gladys D.

Finally after years of trying to find the right mix of talent who ‘gets’
what my businesses (plural) need – Love my Greenlight folks!

Rodolfo G.

GLF are hands down the most trustworthy people when it comes to accounting services.

Shakti N.

Greenlight Financial has been an excellent choice!

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