Real Estate Accounting

Greenlight Financial has over 16 years of experience managing various accounts for real estate investors both in the residential and commercial space. From assistance with large shopping center purchases to tax planning for individuals with investment properties.  

Why do real estate investors need an accountant?

There are many aspects to property investing that would require an organized record of data to ensure one is profitable, analyze spending, losses, cash flow and track property performance. Additionally, depending on what type of investor you are, there are numerous items that require record keeping such as: income from commission, association fees or firm expenses, continuing education (certifications, licenses) marketing, travel/transportation and regular office expenses.  

Types of Real Estate Investors

  • Investor
  • Landlord
  • Real Estate Syndication (General Partner)
  • Real Estate Fund (General Partner)
  • Flipper, Developer, Builder
  • Agent, Broker, Property Manager

How can Greenlight help Real Estate Investors?

  • Accounting Setup and Implementation
  • Tax Preparation & Filing
  • Tax Planning
  • Monthly Accounting and Bookkeeping

What are the benefits?

  • Year to Year Comparison Reports
  • Be prepared with professional support for potential IRS audits
  • Record of data for future claims

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Real Estate Accounting
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