A note from our CEO, Gerry Mujica: I hope you are doing well and staying safe; we’ve made it out of 2020 and are now half-way through 2021. The past 18 months have been difficult but have also brought about a lot of growth. I am excited to talk about everything that’s been happening this year and about what the future holds. Over the next few months, I will be doing write ups on the companies I am involved with their progress and how they are being nurtured for future growth. Today I am starting with my greatest venture to date, Greenlight Financial.

This year, the Greenlight team is stronger than ever. We weathered working from home without compromising our productivity, we came back to the office picking up exactly where we left off. In the last quarter of 2020, we saw the highest new business revenue in our company’s 17 year history. We continue to grow in 2021; our customer-centric approach to each business and our outstanding team sets us apart from everyone else. Our focus has always been Taxes and Bookkeeping, but we are also looking to branch out into more industry specialities.

This year I have set my sights on even bigger ventures. I am excited about several upcoming projects; these will require us to push ourselves out of our comfort zone as well as utilize our years of experience and skill. If you know of anyone looking to sell their CPA firm or bookkeeping business, I would love to have a conversation with them.

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