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Many people find taxes and tax season intimidating enough as individuals- and balk entirely when it comes to ensuring their small businesses are fully tax compliant. Don’t be like them! If you aren’t running your financial affairs well in the eyes of federal law you will soon be in deep, hot water. Fortunately, you know what they don’t- Greenlight Financial are here to help you.

The ‘art’ of taxation is making sure you pay everything you are obligated to pay Uncle Sam, without paying more than your fair share. Many small business owners who self-file their tax matters overlook deductions and allowances they are legitimately due. The tax man won’t run after you to tell you that you missed it- you will simply lose out on money that should have remained within the business. This is where specialist tax advice becomes critical.

Business tax affairs, no matter how small the business, can be overwhelming. Not only do you have to ensure your obligations on behalf of your staff are met, you have to coordinate your business and private filing for yourself to structure your tax affairs properly, comply with several legislation-heavy aspects of law, and ensure that the business handles its tax affairs well enough to thrive. It’s a job for those who specialize in the field.

Fortunately, Greenlight Financial is there to prepare and file your corporate, partnership or even individual tax returns. We’ll help you create a tax strategy to mitigate your liabilities, and we can even advise you on U.S taxation if you’re operating internationally and want to enter the U.S market.

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