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Accounting software is the single biggest time saving investment a business can make- yet can be incredibly intimidating to handle! From often inflated costs to simple IT bewilderment, coordinating installation, training and use into a cohesive whole can seem impossible. The good news is help is close at hand.

QuickBooks has fast become one of the world’s leading accounting packages for small business, due to its incredible functionality, simplicity of use and low startup costs. All the same, transitioning from business owner in your specialized niche to IT guy and accountant may be more then you have time to cope with. The good news is help is at hand- Greenlight Financial has your back and will have you up and running on QuickBooks in no time. No need for lengthy training and installation frustration- we’ll do it all from scratch for you, or help you evolve and existing package to your needs.

No matter your internal structure, we will help you find a QuickBooks package perfect for your needs. An in-depth business review by our QuickBooks experts will allow us to setup your customized file- with everything from account and vendor lists to financial data only a click of a button away- and you’ll be taking the first step to efficient, streamlined reporting in seconds.

Once you are up and running, you will have an Account Manager assigned to provide you with ongoing support. If we handle your down-stream financial needs as well, you can also easily and simply submit QuickBooks data to our secure server for us to work on.

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