Payroll Services Miami

Payroll Services Miami

Are you pulling out your hair every month trying to compile payroll? You’re not alone. Many small businesses end up overwhelmed by this time- and cost-intensive activity. Worse, it’s not even revenue generating, so it contributes little to your bottom line. Yet accurate payroll and the correct division of benefits and taxes is essential to the well-being of your business.

This is where our payroll services can step in to help you. Whether you want to partially control your data input or simply leave everything in our hands, we can help you with a payroll solution that works for your needs.

Payroll can amount to staggering costs every month, and even the software required for a more streamlined and automated process can represent a hefty investment. We offer our clients a cost-efficient payroll service that includes access to our payroll portal to allow you to easily upload your data, enter hours and run payroll. We also offer a full service where we handle this aspect for you.

If you already use an independent payroll service, we can also take over as your liaison with the payroll provider. We will handle and process all payroll data for you, and ensure your employees are served correctly 100% of the time.  If you’re looking for accurate payroll expenses and taxes, Greenlight Financial will ensure they deliver regardless of your preferred filing method.

Make sure your staff and your bottom line are happy, and talk to Greenlight Financial today about your company’s specific payroll needs. We can help you find the perfect solution.

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