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The choking factor for many and otherwise excellently run small business has been payroll. Clients simply decide you’re too ‘small’ to make a fuss, and will wait on their leisure to pay you. Meanwhile you have suppliers who need invoices settling, and you want to remain on good terms with them. No one likes losing a good supplier or a paying customer, but you can’t afford to get too much of a cash flow rut happening either.

Likewise, it’s easy to quickly slip into hot water and forget to pay a critical service like your electricity provider. Or you simply find that money goes out just as quickly as it comes in, and you’re never able to quite build those savings the way you need. Cash flow restructuring can assist considerably with business confidence and with making sure you are never stuck in that awkward rut where you have a lot of cash on paper and none in your pocket.

Greenlight Financial offers accounts payable and receivable services. No matter when you need a check run, we have a solution to help you make the process simple. We will also assist you with cash flow streamlining.

Collection calls are never a pleasant part of business. If you find too many clients are taking chances on payments, we have a dedicated team ready to handle your ongoing collection calls and ensure all process are handled legally, fairly and with an emphasis on both account collecting and customer retention.

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Whatever your needs with cash flow and debtors/creditors, we can work synergistically with you to help you ensure your bottom line is always healthily padded and growing.



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