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Greenlight Financial understands that every business is unique. Cookie cutter financial solutions run the risk of failing to serve the client’s true financial needs. That’s why we specialize in customized, creative solutions specially tailored to address the needs of each client as an individual entity.

Proper financial planning is essential to every business. Our team leverages their vast institutional knowledge on the client’s behalf to establish the perfect financial strategy for their needs and goals. This in turn helps maximize cost efficiency for their financial services and streamline their accounting operations. The result? Significant and measurable performance improvement for the client in a variety of arenas, including:

Profitability and Profit Margins


Operational Simplicity


Accuracy of Financial Reporting

Visibilidad Financiera

Financial Visibility and Transparency


High-Quality Reporting

Manejo de Efectivo

Improved Cash Management

Greenlight Financial has a proven record of providing back-office bookkeeping service solutions that are professional, cost effective and customized to your business. We pride ourselves on caring, effective customer service and take great pride in maintaining customer satisfaction.

Once we determine your accounting needs, we match them with an Account Coordinator and Account Manager who match your profile the best. These will become your direct point of contact, giving you the peace of mind of knowing someone is always there to help.

Our standard operating procedures include detailed instructions and processes to assist the client and ensure nothing falls through the cracks. Before providing you with financial statements, we ensure that the financial information is accurate and complete, ensuring trustworthy reporting is possible at all levels.

It is our mission to offer our clients efficiency, visibility, and trustworthiness in their financial planning, while providing solutions that will yield them significant returns on investment. We believe in developing personal relationships with our clients and we always conduct ourselves with the highest ethical standards, so you can rest assured your financial needs are safe with us at all times.

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