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Many business owners have the skill and know-how [or the right staff] to handle basic day-to-day bookkeeping tasks like recording receipts, calculating payroll and handling source document input, but almost every company will need the services of a skilled accountant to help process that basic bookkeeping data into the tax payments and reports critical to the financial stability of the business. And that’s where Greenlight Financial can step in to help you with:

  • Tax preparation
  • Adjusting entries
  • Analyze financial reports
  • Advising the business owner on financial decisions and impacts
  • And other specialist accounting functions

Tax preparation is one of the most critical financial tasks in a modern business. Failure to comply with local and federal tax laws can prove to have disastrous consequences, and can even result in a suspension of license to trade as well as punitive charges. Even in the best run companies, small errors can creep into records. A second set of trained eyes is your best insurance against these errors remaining unreported.

Once accurate data is confirmed, you have all the tools you need to predict your businesses’ financial future- if you can compile the reports you need from the data you have. Financial reports remain the savvy business leader’s top tool in getting the best from the business.

Accounting Services in Miami

Over time, your financial needs will change and your business will grow and adapt. Knowing how to plan so your finances remain smooth is critical to a successful future. We can help guide you there with valuable financial advice, and the management tools that will help you shape your business into the future.



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